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Safer for cats, easier for you... try Drop Door Trapping!

Training cats to eat from the drop trap makes the job that much faster.

The most adrenaline-filled moments of drop trapping happen once the target cat has gone under the drop trap.

The cat you've been trying to catch is finally eating in the back of the trap.

It's time to pull the cord, followed by the loud clatter of the drop trap coming down with all of its weight.

You've got just one shot to make sure:

  • No cats are going to get hit by the trap - not only will it hurt, it will cause the trap to stay off the ground and allow escapes.

  • The cat does not squeeze out before the large box comes down.

  • That there are no gaps between the ground and trap - frightened cats can find those gaps and lift the trap. Even with weight on the ground flap, it's only one side weighted.


What if we showed you a new way that is much quieter, less stressful, with almost zero chance of escape or injury?


We now have a simple prop that allows you to use the popular, portable Tomahawk DT-1 or even the XL DT-2 drop traps secured in the "down" or "undropped position" with just the door being dropped. Watch below in our video using a simple, light PVC tool with paracord!

Why we love "Drop Door Trapping:"

  • Where you place the trap is where it stays - if there are no gaps, there won't be any once you drop the door either.

  • You can use far more weight than you would with the trap in the traditional propped position. Place weights on the top and on the flaps for super secure placement.

  • You can secure the trap in the feeding location and remove the door for "trap training." On trap day, the trap looks the same! For extra routine, place the prop tool on top of the trap during training.

  • Much quieter - the door falling is soooo much quieter than the crash of a heavy trap.

  • Less chance of escape - the only way out is through the door.

  • No one struck by the trap - they're already inside and away from the door.

TNR only works when every cat is fixed - we can help you be a successful caretaker!


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