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PFA Hillside


Each individual may bring in one (1 ) feral cat per day to receive PFA's TNR package on each surgery day. The cat must be in a trap.

Hillside Surgery Days (check Facebook for any closings!):

Monday - Thursday **CLOSED 3rd Thursday of each month**

Check-in from 8:30am-9:15am 

9:15am is the latest online check-in!

TNR Package

The feral TNR package voucher includes the following:

Spay/neuter surgery

Rabies and FVRCP vaccines

Ear tip of left ear

Whiskers' 50 Feral Fix vouchers also cover any minor services such as antibiotics and fluids deemed necessary by the veterinarian.

How to Check In

Check-in is done from the parking lot when you arrive between 8:30am and 9:15am. 

When you arrive, remain in your vehicle and join the virtual line here.

Make sure you enter the correct mobile number - PFA will text you and direct you via phone to where you bring the cat in the trap.

Keep in mind that Hillside sees many animals each day - please be patient as check-in can take up to or over an hour after you've joined the line.

After surgery, the cat will remain at PFA until 4:30pm, when you will return to the lot and use the same check-in link to let PFA know that you are there.

Trap Lending

PFA has a limited number of traps available to lend for a $60 deposit for a two-week period. Email Chelsy to inquire about availability.

Whiskers also has a limited number of high-quality traps available for a $100 deposit. We do recommend that any caretaker invest in a trap or two (more information here), but please contact us to inquire about borrowing a trap if you need one in the meantime.

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