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2024 Spring Newsletter

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Just one of the handsome boys helped by Feral Fixers who have been empowered by our 50 Feral Fix program - no litters, mating, or fighting for him this year!

Cats have been breeding all winter and as always, we are trying to prevent litters as the weather gets warmer and our phones keep ringing off the hook!

Since we have dedicated ourselves to empowering, funding, and training caretakers instead of just trapping on a few sites each week, there is zero down time as we must be there to support many more people at once as they learn the ropes.

The up side? More people fixing cats at once and taking action, not waiting for someone to come trap for them.

Some Spring Newsletter highlights:

  • Did you know? Your municipal shelter situation may not be what you think.

  • Yes, we always need jewelry donations to our store!

  • We have an exciting new partnership with Father John's Animal House in Lafayette, NJ and have already paid for surgeries and veterinary care for several North Jersey people in need, including 15 cats from one resident. More appointments are booked!

  • We're nearing the 1000 mark for vouchers issued to people in underserved communities - and had some winter ER visits like Benny, who nearly lost his eye!

  • We always need jewelry and donations to keep funding our vouchers, but now more than ever.

  • Our blog addresses TNR policy, local rescue stories, ordinances throughout NJ, state law, and of course trapping!

Enjoy and share far and wide! And don't forget to sign up here to get newsletters and updates on all things TNR.

Thank you for your support!

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