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2023 Fall Newsletter

Fall 2023 WRI newsletter
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Some of our striking photos from our Feral Fixers this season

Days are getting shorter! Fall is here and so is our Fall Newsletter! Some highlights:

  • The 50 Feral Fix celebrated its 1 Year Anniversary this summer!

  • We need volunteers to help fundraise. Lynda's Poorly Drawn Pet Event was a huge success, and we are always looking for creative people to help us raise money for more vouchers.

  • We've started a new feature on our blog, "Under the Drop Trap," where you can learn more about the amazing people who do so much to help the cats and people in their communities.

  • Our vouchers made it to NINE counties. And we've provided over $80,000 in veterinary care since the start of the program, including emergency vets for our voucher recipients to help cats in trouble. After all, we never know who will walk in a trap first...and we never release anyone unfixed or without lifesaving care needed!

  • We still need jewelry and donations to keep funding our vouchers.

Enjoy and share far and wide! And don't forget to sign up here to get newsletters and updates on all things TNR.

Thank you for your support!


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