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Before You Donate Food, Pay to Spay a Stray!

We are seeing a huge number of posts on social media lately asking for donations of food to feed a growing number of feral cats. Every time I see this post I ask "are they fixed?"

We don't ask this to be rude or judgmental.

I am asking so that if you can not afford to TNR, I can empower you to become a caretaker and not add to the problem. Whiskers would like to help feeders get ahead and stop the cycle.

So what answers do I get?

In most cases I am told "we" are working on it. No other information, even slight annoyance that someone asked instead of just sending food.

In other cases we are given a firm "NO" or even "I do my part by feeding."

Please do not encourage feeding without fixing. It adds to the problem! If people are asking for food donations on social media, offer instead to pay to spay a stray. Help them find the financial resources they need or help remove whatever barrier is preventing them from fixing.

Feeding alone adds to the number of cats. While this week they are asking for 2 bags of cat food, in just a few short months they will be asking for 10! And on and on... with even more cats to fix.

There is only one way to stop the cycle and that is prevention.


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