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Great Photos Change Lives!

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Over the past 6 months of sending out vouchers we have noticed a trend. Photo quality changes lives! We have asked for photos of every cat that will be using one of our vouchers and we always offer to explain how to get great photos. It seems like a silly ask but a few things need to be kept in mind. First in order for me to never leave my desk and raise enough funds to keep this program going I am NOT the one taking photos. Recipients photos are used for social media and snail mail fundraisers. We are relying on recipients to take good photos bur more important than us is the next cat in line who needs help. Good photos lead to better donations which leads to more vouchers. More vouchers = fewer cats born on our streets.

This is one example of a good photo. The lighting works and the image is not blurry. Often lighting is an issue but it can easily be resolved by a dollar store light on top of the trap if the room lighting is poor. Notice no bars in front of the kitty? Easy fix! Just hold your phone camera right up to the bars on the opposite end of the trap as the cat. Need to practice. Put anything cat size in an empty trap to play with angles and lighting so no one is traumatized by experimenting with a live cat for the first time. There is after all a learning curve.


Here is one example of a photo that does not work. The lighting is so dark and there are bars cutting up the image. I know that sounds silly but imagine this photo on a phone screen at 1/2 inch tall. You can barely tell it is a cat. Our goal and yours is to draw attention to the cats you love. We need everyone to care as much as we do! We need to make sure her family has vouchers waiting for them too as no cats wants to breed on our city streets. She is adorable .... let's make sure the world knows it!


Photos like these get more and more blurry as you zoom and crop. I think it is a torti, but at 1/2 inch who knows?


Please understand that while we know the worst part of trapping day is finally making it home and still having to clean traps, set up food, and then take photos.

You come home exhausted. We know! If the cats are too stressed wait until morning. We need photos but not in the first 30 seconds after you arrive home. But that extra five minutes to take great pictures may be what is standing between you facing dozens of sick kittens and being able to complete your TNR mission! Fixed cats are happier cats and happy cats make happy cat lovers!


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