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Shop Spring Flowers Prevent Spring Kittens

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Spring has sprung which means kittens are here and more are coming!!! While we know kittens are adorable decades in rescue makes it VERY clear that the picture of tiny fuzzy kittens playing on your couch is not the reality for most of them. Most kittens in shelters are born on our streets. Sadly most never make it to a shelter or a home. Over 1/2 die before breeding age with no one to witness their lives. Others go on the breed new generations and add to the cycle of suffering.

For many this problem seems too overwhelming to even figure out where to begin in solving it. The answer is actually very simple though. Throw everything you have at prevention! There are not enough homes for all of these cats and as the number or cats grows the number of homes do not. We cannot adopt our way out of his cycle. We MUST prevent it! Spay/Neuter and TNR are the only way to end this.

Now we know the answer. How can you help? It's easy! A lot of our funding comes from our ebay store!! We provide vouchers for free TNR through our 50 Feral fix program. You can help fund it by shopping or donating jewelry you no longer wear. We rely on ebay sales and donations to mail our more life saving vouchers every week. What could be better for spring than flowers? We have lots in our store and even more cats waiting.


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