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This got some attention...

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

We know that not everyone uses social media, or even the internet on a regular basis--including many people who are feeding cats! Since the winter, we have been trying without success to figure out how to reach our neighbors.

We considered newspapers, but even those are becoming rare! We were so disappointed when the local Acme, who allows groups to fundraise outside the door, would not permit our rescue to do the same and have handouts available with helpful information. Why would anyone stop to talk to two random strangers at a table with no information to hand them? We were stumped. But then....Kathy and I received the most wonderful donation.... of artwork and two months rent for this lovely installation along Route 22 West in Green Brook, NJ.

We immediately began receiving calls from people in the area regarding cats. These were folks who did not connect with us on Facebook or otherwise know about Whiskers, so this was a huge win for us! We are hoping to do the same in areas that receive many of our vouchers in Union county.


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