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Timmy's Holiday Picks

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

It's that time again--we've all been bombarded by Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and many of us, including yours truly, are still missing gifts for special people (and cats) in our lives!

Not to worry--Three-legged Whiskers Graduate Tiny Tim "Timmy" is here to guide you with his curated collection of holiday cheer, no scooping required!


Handmade Holiday Quilts: Kathy just made a special trip to re-stock the eBay store because Carol's holiday-themed cat quilts flew off of our virtual eBay shelves! They have subtle cat silhouettes and Carol's exquisite taste in fabrics really shines through--as Timmy's human servant, I can also attest to their washability. No quilt is safe from a cat butt in my house but my Whiskers lap quilt looks as lovely as the day I bought it! Browse the collection here.


Laundry for a Year: Well, sort of. If you purchase eco-friendly detergent sheets (no plastic, just a nice compact box!) through our fundraiser, a portion of the proceeds go to support Whiskers' 50 Feral Fix Program, and your loved one gets to avoid lugging huge plastic jugs of detergent every week for the year! A year's supply of detergent is smaller than a shoe box, can you believe that?


The gift of no more kittens come spring: You may not feed cats yourself, but there are many people struggling in New Jersey just to pay rent while also trying to fix colonies of cats that they've adopted after moving in to apartments and homes in towns with no TNR support. Sponsoring a $100 voucher through our Spay-It-Forward link funds a surgery at People for Animals and empowers a cat caretaker who is struggling to do it all. We can even send a card if you are sponsoring a voucher in honor of a loved one or perhaps their dearly departed pet, just let us know to whom you would like the card sent here.


Vintage jewelry for a good cause: We recently began receiving some truly unique pieces from not only the USA, but around the world! Some are cat themed, and many others are just plain stunning, so there is something for everyone in our eBay jewelry store. Each week you will find our favorites in Chloe's Jewelry Box. The lucky recipient will receive an insert along with the piece that explains how you've supported TNR through the purchase. The store is huge and has everything from sweet Pandora charms to Swarovski cuffs to statement pins and rings!


Donating in honor of a loved one: Donations at the holidays are so important in preventing litters in the coming months! If you would like a honor a friend with a donation in their name to Whiskers, we will send a handwritten winter greeting card to that person notifying them of your generosity. Or maybe you'd like the card sent to you, and it can adorn a cute cat tree or kitty house from Homegoods! Timmy's favorite is when people attach the card to the top of a large container of cat treats.

(Whiskers Graduate Tinky not included but sends her very best with every card)


Comfort food for movie night (and many other treats): Our friend Lynda is running a Pampered Chef fundraiser through December 31 here! One of Timmy's favorite activities is snuggling up to watch Netflix with his human servants, and the popcorn maker along with kernels and seasonings would be perfect for that movie-loving family you know. You could gift it along with some of Carol's kitty quilts and no one will leave the couch for days! But don't just listen to us--Pampered Chef has some great suggestions on their blog as well. Timmy was partial to this guide for making thoughtful gift sets for those human families on your lists.


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