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Vintage Cuff Bracelet Collection Helps TNR

From Native American to costume to modern, odds are that we have them! We have an incredible collection of both cuff and bangle style bracelets for any occasion! Some we have hunted down during many hours in flea markets. Other pieces were donated by incredibly generous women who mailed us packages of jewelry!

The best part is that every jewelry sale from our store and every jewelry donation sent to us helps us fund more free TNR vouchers for our 50 Feral Fix program. Every piece prevents another litter of stray kittens from being born on our streets. So how can you help? SHOP!!! Yes, the answer is you can shop and what better reason than to save cats?

Not in the best position to shop right now? Don't worry... you can still help. Gather jewelry you no longer wear and ask friends to do the same. We can provide receipts for your taxes and the knowledge that your donation changed a life!


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