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Our Next Trick:
Saving Magic

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Hit by a car and suffering outside with a painful broken hip and multiple injuries...

Fortunately one of our Feral Fixers was armed with a voucher and trap, and after seeing him struggle to follow her for food, trapped him and brought him straightaway to People For Animals. He is not a regular diner at her house but boy did he pull himself into the right yard to this caring woman who is fixing all of the cats in her neighborhood!

While we paid for x-rays, pain meds, and of course neutering, he still needed blood/FIV/FeLV testing, orthopedic surgery and investigative imaging. We scrambled to procure an appointment at an emergency vet near his caretaker, where he has had bloodwork, testing, more imaging, and is cleared for surgery first thing in less than 24 hours.  

The bill is going to be close to $12,000 for major complicated surgery on his badly broken and painful hip. We will do whatever it takes to help this cat, but we can't do it without your help--the requests for vouchers are also at an all-time high and we cannot let down our Feral Fixers who are trapping and still need our help. Any donation you can make toward this huge and unexpected bill will save Magic and help him start a new life without pain.

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Follow this page and our blog for updates--we will update the gallery below with his progress, and as you can see, even in pain he is a sweet friendly guy who has a long road ahead but not on the streets!

Still so sweet despite his horrific pain and injury

Our 50 Feral Fixer could simply not leave him like this!

EVENING UPDATE 5/26/23 on Magic from Kathy: 
He made it!!!!!! I just spoke to the surgeon. Magic did incredibly well and is up and awake! He has a plate in one hip and screws in the other. Within the next few days he should be up on on his paws!!!! The sad news is having now seen the actual bones, the vet said he has dragged himself around like this for over week. He has been suffering that long on the street. I am so thankful Alicia found him and had one of our 50 Feral Fix vouchers! Magic should be picked up tomorrow from the vet. He will spend one month in a cage and then go back to the vet for x-rays to confirm that the hardware is all holding. After that we will get further instruction. 

He will need a home when this is all over . Thank you to everyone who has donated. We will be billed tomorrow and we are a LONG way off from covering the surgery. Please keep sharing. Magic is one expensive bionic kitty now and we can not cover this bill with out you.

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