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Help us Save Magic!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

UPDATE 6/3/23 late evening - Goodbye to our brave little boy🐾🌈🐈‍⬛❤️

Sadly our sweet Magic was humanely euthanized this evening after being hospitalized at the emergency vet for dehydration. Although his initial pre-operative full blood panel last week showed no indications, today's test told a different story. There was significant liver and kidney damage that did not show up earlier. It is impossible to tell the cause or whether this was present prior to the trauma that shattered the bones of this very young cat. The kindhearted and hardworking woman who trapped Magic tried days ago to get information about him from the property owner who saw him days before but did nothing. The neighbor refused to talk to her so we will never know any more than tests showed.

Some people do not know that the 50 Feral Fix program includes all veterinary care for a cat brought to PFA on a voucher. Most of our vouchers end up including more services than the TNR package due to the injuries and illnesses of cats living outside, including some very serious dental work and Toby's mysterious body wounds. PFA and numerous other veterinarians indicated that Magic would benefit from orthopedic surgery. None recommended euthanasia, and we have had excellent results over the years with similar injuries.

What we did not count on was an unknown history for an otherwise young and energetic cat with initially clean bloodwork. His prognosis went from excellent to poor after seeing ultrasound results and further testing.

Thank you to Alicia for excellent foster care and Eclipse Specialty & Emergency Pet Care for quickly responding and performing flawless surgery, and taking us in today for his testing and ultrasound.


UPDATE 6/3/23 on Magic:

Despite some progress since his surgery, along with a sweet and friendly personality, poor Magic is back at the vet for an emergency ultrasound following some questionable bloodwork. Luckily his caretaker has been watching him and noticed that he was not eating as well and rushed him right over.

We are facing an even larger bill but we will not allow our little fighter to suffer while we delay decisions. After his ultrasound, we will know if he requires further hospitalization or another course of action. Our hope is that this is just related to pain management or a minor infection and not damage from the impact that shattered his pelvis.

His caretaker is diligently monitoring him and ran him to the vet today.

He's such a good boy.

Any amount you can donate to our Facebook fundraiser or through this page is extremely helpful as we are keeping all of our other operations running and the calls keep coming in!


EVENING UPDATE 5/26/23 on Magic from Kathy:

He made it!!!!!! I just spoke to the surgeon. Magic did incredibly well and is up and awake! He has a plate in one hip and screws in the other. Within the next few days he should be up on on his paws!!!! The sad news is having now seen the actual bones, the vet said he has dragged himself around like this for over week. He has been suffering that long on the street. I am so thankful Alicia found him and had one of our 50 Feral Fix vouchers! Magic should be picked up tomorrow from the vet. He will spend one month in a cage and then go back to the vet for x-rays to confirm that the hardware is all holding. After that we will get further instruction.

He will need a home when this is all over . Thank you to everyone who has donated. We will be billed tomorrow and we are a LONG way off from covering the surgery. Please keep sharing. Magic is one expensive bionic kitty now and we can not cover this bill with out you. If you can donate to his care, please click the button below or visit our Donate page for other ways to support Magic's long recovery.


Poor Magic was hit by a car and left to suffer--he needs our help with some major veterinary attention!

Read his story below--thanks to one of our Feral Fixers, he is getting emergency care and pain relief, but we really need your help!

Magic's trapper is a fantastic woman who is taking on a huge cat problem in her neighborhood. Her neighbors allowed her to trap in their yard, where she spotted this poor cat standing very unnaturally and clearly in pain. She followed him and he could barely carry himself to the trap, but she got him and rushed to PFA with our voucher the next morning.

While we were able to pay for the x-rays below, painkillers, and his neuter at PFA, he needs major surgery at an orthopedic surgeon which we managed to arrange in under 24 hours. Kathy has not slept in 24 hours and has been in constant contact (AMEX card in hand) with the emergency vet and orthopedic surgeon.

We have received an estimate of $12,000 for plates, screws, and another 4 weeks of recovery followed by more imaging. On top of that, look who is NOT feral!

The requests for vouchers have not stopped coming in and we must continue to fund those for our friends in need of some fixin' financial aid--but we also could not leave this cat to suffer or without care for any amount of time, as he is not paralyzed and can feel the pain of a major fracture in his hip.


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1 comentário

Kathy Gabrielescu
Kathy Gabrielescu
26 de mai. de 2023

The worst part is he is from a town that openly advertises they do not respond to animal control calls about cats. He would be left to die a horrible, slow, excruciating death at ony 18 months old

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