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2022 Holiday Newsletter

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Greetings to all of our friends in fixing!

It's been an exciting year to say the least.... since last December, here are just some of the things that took place in the Whiskers World:

  • Obtained over 1,000 signatures on our petition to improve NJ Bill A2275 - do make sure to keep an eye on this one here as we still have the public hearing to make sure these important changes happen!

  • Started the 50 Feral Fix voucher program for low-income residents in towns with no TNR support - we're way above 50 now and into the hundreds in just a few months! Read about it here.

  • Lent out traps from our trap bank to residents in need using our vouchers.

  • Helped residents with shelters for their fixed ferals - look at this cute discreet bench that holds one furry friend!

Above all...we empowered new caretakers who are actively trapping and fixing their colonies and not waiting for someone else to do it while cats breed!


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1 Comment

Elizabeth Mattfield
Elizabeth Mattfield
Dec 23, 2022

Happy Holidays everyone! Yours in neutering, Elizabeth and Kathy.

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