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2024 Summer Newsletter

Jun 2024 NL website
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Some excellent footage from one of our Feral Fixers - proof that the bottle and rope trick works as she caught six cats in four days from a site where everyone said trapping the remaining cats was "impossible." She had a rope in each hand (secured to each bottle, holding the trap open) and calmly trapped multiple cats in the order she needed...without re-trapping fixed cats and scaring everyone off.

Kitten season rages on as the litters bred this spring are appearing and mothers are always in need of help. Everyone is exhausted and it seems sometimes that the cycle is never ending.

Our phones are ringing off the hook as more and more people see cats and are ready to take the first step, whether it is finding the person feeding or realizing that feeding alone is not enough to care for cats outside.

Thanks to our supporters like you, we are able to train and support caretakers as they work to stop the cycle of cats born outside.

Some Summer Newsletter highlights:

  • Did you know? Many feral cat colonies are caused by closed admission shelters and lack of response from municipal animal control.

  • Bonita was found motionless under a bridge but thanks to a Feral Fixer who knew she could call us, Bonita is on the mend, friendly, and ready for her new life.

  • Donations are down as always at this time of the year - we know it's kitten season but your support of our program allows people all over New Jersey to prevent these litters next year.

  • We always need jewelry and donations to keep funding our vouchers, but now more than ever.

  • Our blog The Daily Scoop addresses TNR policy, local rescue stories, ordinances throughout NJ, state law, and of course trapping!

Enjoy and share far and wide! And don't forget to sign up here to get newsletters and updates on all things TNR.

Thank you for your support!


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