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Cats Can't do Math...

...But they sure can multiply! TNR only works if you are FAST and determined!


It's not just us rushing you along. TNR is a numbers game and always has been. The rule among TNR advocates is that 80-90% of all cats must be fixed at all times in order for the colony to gradually be gone - the original goal of TNR.

The argument for TNR is that we can make the feral cat population vanish in a HUMANE fashion by allowing caretakers to spay/neuter and manage colonies. It is an alternative to massive round-ups and euthanasia of cats.

For TNR to work, we have to do a little math. We have to hit that magic goal of 80-90% fixed as fast as possible and then keep it there as new cats arrive at our food bowls. This requires dedication and hard work, and never saying "but those aren't mine." If they're at your bowl, they're your responsibility to fix.

Let's say you have a colony of 10 cats.

Assume 5 are girls but you are only willing to fix one cat per week.

One-cat-per-week TNR will not work during the breeding seasons.

Here is just one scenario:

Week 1

10 cats

You fix one boy. You are left with 9 cats and 5 are pregnant.

Week 2

9 unfixed cats 1 fixed

Yay, you trapped a girl!

Week 3

8 unfixed cats 2 fixed

But OOPS one just had 5 babies! Now you have 13 unfixed cats.

You trap one more boy.

Week 4

12 unfixed cats 3 fixed

But you can not find "rescue for the kittens"

You trap one more girl and you find 2 of the newborn babies from last week dead. Remember on average 50% of cats die on the streets before 6 months old.

Week 5

9 unfixed cats 4 fixed

Wait! It has been 5 weeks and you only have one less than you started with.

OH NO! Another girl just had babies!!!!

Hopefully you now see this awful pattern. Don't worry, we can help!!!

  • We have quality traps to lend so you do not have to work with just the one you own.

  • We now have a relationship with a clinic that allows multiple appointments.

It is possible to fix your colony during breeding season. Work fast, work smart! Call us.


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