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Purr or Hiss: Can You Do These Few Things We Ask in Exchange for Vouchers?

We are always astounded by how many people refuse our help.

Our "asks" are so simple.

If you want to be a successful caretaker and use Whiskers Rescue's 50 Feral Fix program, here is what we ask of you.

Be committed. We work non stop to raise funds to make sure you are financially able to TNR. Be sure you are ready to meet our level of commitment by fixing every cat who shows up at your food bowl.

Don't break the law. I know that seems simple but it is one of the biggest reasons people refuse to join our program and accept help.

  • Don't trespass.

  • Dont' steal people's cats.

  • Don't refuse to communicate with others because you feel you are in the right. Put the cats before your need to be right.

Follow our advice.

  • We have a combined 40 years of trapping experience and are very good at what we do. Be smart. Learn from decades of our mistakes. We are here to help!

  • The types of traps you use matter. They matter so much it may be the difference between life and death. Take the drive and borrow good equipment from us if you can not afford it.

Don't steal resources from poor people.

  • I know, again, it seems odd to have to write this, but sadly, we do. You chose to feed. You chose the responsibility. If you can afford to TNR, please do so.

  • If you are somewhere in the middle, don't worry! We will help out!

Do your part to help raise the funds you need.

  • We know not everyone is on social media but your friends likely are. Share our posts!

  • Collect jewelry for us to auction on your behalf. We will do the work for you!

  • Ask friends, family and those in your community to chip in. This is a team effort!

Send clear photos for fundraisers.

  • Yep, that simple. The better your photos and videos, the more we can help.

  • The camera goes between the bars! We need to see faces, not a trap taken from feet away. People like to see the cat for whom they are donating money. Look at this guy below - he's gorgeous!

Don't be a stranger! If you have questions, or if we have asked YOU questions after receiving your application, pick up the phone, respond to texts, and reply to messages! Cats breed quickly and we need to be quicker. Every message is urgent.


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