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Why we're different

We are a small registered 501(c)3 focused on controlling the outdoor cat population through Trap-Neuter-Return. For decades, local municipalities have avoided responsibility for the huge numbers of stray cats. Nonexistent or closed admission shelters mean that private rescues are burdened with vetting and sheltering the huge numbers of homeless cats and cannot do it all. 

Our  way to help cats is by fixing them before more litters can be born outside to suffer. Our mission is to empower people feeding cats to become caretakers, fixing and effectively stopping the cycle of cats born outside.



Cats Fixed Per Year


Spay/Neuter assistance for low-income caretakers


Traps in our trap bank (available to lend)


The number of people not just feeding but fixing their cats

There are so many ways to support our work.


Whether through apps, Facebook fundraisers, checks, or online purchases, your donations allow us to continue this work and getting hundreds of cats fixed every year.

Shop our eBay store

We have an amazing collection of thousands of donated pieces in our online eBay store! A great way to help outdoor cats while you find some truly unique gifts!

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I'm Feeding Cats


I see cats where I live and work

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