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More Lifesaving Surgeries Courtesy of the Westfield Service League!

Photos from the Westfield Service League's website,

Have you been to the beautiful big blue house on Elmer Street in Westfield, right by the municipal parking lot and Baron's drug store? It's the fabulous thrift and consignment store of the Westfield Service League, an incredible service organization that has been in existence since 1932! You can read their story and mission here. Starting as 19 women who provided volunteer services to local charities, they have grown over the decades and award grants totaling over $90,000 each year to nonprofits serving Union county and beyond.

It was the highlight of our otherwise dreary, slushy winter to be invited for an interview at WSL's office and store in February. Because WSL awards many generous grants to a wide range of organizations, we were hopeful but not sure if we would be able to join the ranks of past grant recipients such as the YWCA, C.A.S.A. of Union County, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Habitat for Humanity. Last month, when we saw the Westfield Leader article, we were so honored to see Whiskers Rescue listed as a grant recipient!

Our friends at the Westfield Service League support the mission of the 50 Feral Fix program and their grant is already allowing us to fund surgeries for people who want to fix the cats they feed but do not have the funds.

We are so thrilled to be able to do this at a time of the year when donations are lowest and eBay sales are slow. The Westfield Service League has made it possible for us to keep saying yes to calls for help that keep coming in regardless of available funds.

Their shop is currently closed for the summer, but we hope that you will join us in visiting in September when they open again for consignment and shopping. After our interview, the Whiskers treasurer could not resist buying a set of 10 unicorn espresso cups...

At the register, we met yet another compassionate volunteer who had worked tirelessly to spay and neuter cats that showed up in her yard. We exercised self-control with some difficulty as their career separates and crystal were calling our names and we were in the most delightful company! If you have not visited their website or store, please do so and learn about the incredible amount of work done by dedicated volunteers with amazing leadership.


A huge thank you to the Westfield Service League for their time and generosity in awarding us this prestigious grant!



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